My name is Sophia - a sophisticated and down to earth young woman - hot enough to melt the pages of a centrefold. I am a smoldering, exotic temptress who is ready and willing to capture your attention…


It is true that I am a natural exhibitionist and I am proud of my sinful silhouette. Years of fitness have allowed me to maintain a knockout figure - a true temple of temptation for you to completely immerse yourself in. You wont see me shying away from showing you all the moves I can perform with my feminine curves.


My almond eyes are bewitching, complimented by my long brunette tresses. My lusciously soft locks frame my modelesque face and fall gracefully towards my large, bouncy DD cup bust. Please don't resist your urge to touch me, the temptation to have me. Touch and caress my warm olive skin as you desire.

My personality is gentle, yet genuine and charismatic. I have a desire to see the world and all the beauty it beholds. I am a multilayered femme fatale; a softly spoken dreamer, free spirited, confident and kind. I enjoy my erotic encounters and I would love the opportunity to show you why. I am sure to drive you wild, with a porn star twinkle in my eye.


Time with me is far from boring. I love to dance and tease my lovers with each sway of my hips and every flick of my tongue as I move sensually down your body. My body is immediately responsive and I delight in a thorough hot love making session. I am best suited for the sexually adventurous gentleman and those seeking a porn star encounter. That being said, an intimate naughty girlfriend is equally as fun and risque!  


With that said, kindling a chemistry between you and I is very important to me. I desire long term, regular lovers who I may get to know a little and build ongoing rapport with. Although I am a naughty little firecracker, I am also a kind and compassionate lover; your very own confidential confidante. I love to make you feel at ease and to feel special. I want to be your perfect girl friend fantasy. 

Enough about me though, let's talk about you. I believe you are a man who enjoys the finer things in life. Not because he thinks he is entitled to them, but because he has earned them through dedication and hard work. You are the perfect, yet so hard to find, combination of intelligence, sophistication and charm. You are a man of impeccable taste and an admirable lust for life. Yet, every now and then, you feel like something is missing. A touch, a kiss, or maybe a sense of excitement and freedom. Don't hesitate any longer. After all, we only live once...


Please go ahead. Let the tension build from here, temptation will lead you to me soon enough… I hope we meet soon.


Sweet kisses

Sophia Elle












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